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Need New Year’s Resolution ideas that could actually change your life?

Pick one and make next year your best year yet. Some of these are really hard things to do. But I say do the hard things! They are they ones that need doing the most. (Just so you know, coming up with new year’s resolution ideas and then not following though with them won’t change anything, so make a plan to make sure you can follow through.)

Get Healthier

Make Your House a Home

  • finally conquer the clutter
  • organize your closet / paperwork / trouble spot
  • make better use of your time
  • get the laundry under control
  • start meal planning
  • make use of a cleaning schedule
  • teach the kids to help around the house
  • get a decent bed time routine going (for kids or for you!)
  • get the fridge / pantry / bathroom cabinet under control
  • go chemical free

Get Your Finances In Order

Live On Purpose

  • read your bible regularly
  • make time for friends
  • improve your marriage
  • make family time a priority
  • start a hobby that you enjoy
  • get happy in your skin
  • address your mental hang ups
  • break your worst habit
  • volunteer your time
  • learn a totally new skill
  • give up busy
  • make a new friend
  • get out of bad relationships
  • travel
  • become a published author
  • start a family
  • buy a home
  • become a better person
  • learn to prioritize
  • learn to be content

What are your best life changing new year’s resolution ideas? Have you made a life changing new year’s resolution this month? Tell me about it!

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