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I used pinterest to go from 0 – 200k pageviews in 6 months. No boardbooster. No tailwind.

Yes, one more of these posts. They’re addictive aren’t they?! When I was first starting my blog and trying to get page views I read every single one of these I could find online for months. Looking for some secret formula that would make pinterest work for me.

And every. single. post. was a sales pitch for boardbooster or tailwind.

Even the expensive courses required you to purchase boardbooster or tailwind. Putting more money into my blog was a non option, and I decided to do pinterest without a scheduler. I was desperate to get just enough page views to qualify to apply to a bigger ad network and start making a little money.

But what happened just about knocked my socks off. (Yes – Socks. Off.)

I started pinning in May and by the end of August I was working with Adthrive – one of the premier ad networks in the country – and one with a requirement of 100k page view per month.

My pinning-without-a-scheduler method had fast tracked me to a full time blog income. 

Read my blog income reports here:

August 2016 Income Report – $483.31
September 2016 Income Report – $3365.39
October 2016 Income Report – $5035.17
November 2016 Income Report – $4768.47

So of course I wrote an ebook.

Unfortunately, it is NOT as easy as just pinning and hoping. I put in days and weeks of experimenting with what works and what doesn’t.

And I got it down to a science. I literally watch my page views climb for the day when I pin. 

SO of course, I wrote an ebook, detailing my pinterest strategy. (Because that’s what you do when you have a specific method that works wonders for you and you want to share it with other people and maybe also make a little money with your blog.)

BUT I have never been that interested in making my blog a “business”. You betcha, I want to earn a living and work from home, but I’ve found that I really am NOT a “business blogger”. And blogging about blogging isn’t really my passion.

So my ebook has just been sitting there, ignored, for months now.

A (hopefully refreshing) paragraph of truth that may bite me in the butt

I have no interest in “selling” you my book. (As a blogger, I am sick to death of the sales pitches. Nothin’ wrong with selling your product. But raise your hand if your inbox is full of desperate sales attempts… and don’t email me twice in one day because “oops, I forgot to add…” am I right?)

So I’ve decided to sell my ebook the no fuss way:

If you want my strategy – it’s available. 

The strategy I use to pin gets me anywhere from 5 – 10k page views per day.

It is 100% different than any other strategy I have ever seen anywhere else. (Largely because you don’t need to invest monthly in a scheduler to use it.)

I’ve had a few people test it out, and some have had great results with it… some have not. I’m not sure if this is because they’re doing it wrong, or if it’s because they aren’t able to invest the time it takes, or because it just doesn’t work for everyone.

It is impossible to know. 

It’s impossible to guarantee that this strategy will work for everyone for many reasons.

Firstly, pinterest has an ever changing algorithm. I am constantly aware that this strategy might not even work for me forever (this terrifies me). This strategy requires a daily commitment. I spend anywhere from 15 minutes – over an hour on pinterest per day. This strategy will NOT transform pinterest pins and pin impressions into clicks over to your blog. YOU need to do that, with pins that scream “click me!”.

So there will never be a way to guarantee that this method will work for everyone. But there is also no way to guarantee that any method will work for everyone.

Sireesha, the blogger behind crowdworknews.com was one of the first to get a copy of my book and try out the strategies, and she saw great results with it – she said:

“Carly’s Pinterest strategies have exploded my Pinterest traffic. I started to implement her strategies in November and by January my Pinterest reach has gone from 700k to over 1million. This ebook has really changed my Pinterest game.”

Unfortunately, I am not interested in spending my time learning to properly publish an ebook and make a lead page and a sales funnel and do a “launch”. (I know that 6 figure launches are what we are all supposed to be aiming for, as bloggers, these days. But I am too busy just trying to plain old blog in the spare minutes between learning to be a mom and trying to keep up with the laundry. There is just no time to “launch a product”.)

I am not a sales person. I never have been, and I probably never will be.

The anti-sales pitch

SO for those reasons, I have been so very hesitant to even try and sell this book.

But, because I spent the time researching it, testing it, and writing it, and because this system works for me, I’ve decided to just go ahead and put it out there.

There is no launch. There is no sales funnel. There are no guarantees. This is 100% just me saying “This is the method that worked for me, maybe it can work for you too!”

And one last disclaimer. Like I mentioned, this strategy takes a commitment to manual pinning. It will require time every day. I put up to an hour per day into pinterest. And I make over 2000 dollars per month in ad income, which comes directly from page views. Totally. Worth. My. Time.

So if my experiment in brutal honesty hasn’t scared you away – grab this pinterest strategy ebook now and give manual pinning a try (and I hope you see amazing blog growth because of it).

(Oh, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get it to save quite as well formatted as I made it in the google doc. And my life must move on, so excuse the funky formatting towards the end of the book. I promise it doesn’t detract from the information. It just makes me look technology troubled.)

(If I HAVE scared you but you’re still looking for ways to increase traffic, the book How I went from 17k page view to 350k page views in 9 months by Lena Gott is freaking AMAZING, and covers much more than just pinterest. I have read this book three times… and I will read it again. Possibly my favorite blogging book EVER! I would grab this book ASAP if I were you, because the price will be going up significantly in the near future.)

Happy Pinning!