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A good “side hustle” makes you money NOW

SO. I need to be honest – about “side hustsles” – for a minute, before I start this post. Most bloggers are looking to make some money (myself included) and blogging is our number one “side hustle”. ( I can not even begin to describe how much I hate the term “side hustle”, and so I’ll have to use it quotation marks to make it bearable for myself. Anyone else have a word that just gets under your skin and bugs the crap out of you? Another for me is “self care”. Yuck.)

Anyhow. So most bloggers are looking to make some money. Blogging is our number one side hustle (or full time thing, if you’ve put in your time and worked your way up). And it’s pretty freaking awesome, and yes, if you want to, I think you should be blogging. But it’s not one of those things you can start today and make money at tomorrow. (Read the truth about starting a profitable blog!)

So it also bugs the crap out of me when I do a search for “side hustles” and I just find a bunch of recommendations on how to start a blog.

(UPDATE: I hate eating my words, but I may have been wrong when I said that you can’t make money pretty quickly from blogging. I’m 8 months in and I made over $5000 in October. This is so far above and beyond my expectations it’s almost weird to see it written down. Read the October blog income report here. I’m not going to change this post though, because I know that the vast majority of bloggers DON’T make money that quickly.)

Besides, most people looking for “side hustles” are probably looking to make some money this week (or this month) – not in 6 months to a year.

So for that reason, blogging is (STILL) not on the following list. I have some “side hustles” that make me pretty good money. For you today, this is my list of “side hustles” that you can see results from (almost) immediately. (These are all things I DO.)

You’ll also notice something else missing from this list… recommendations to join pay-per-search or pay-per-click or pay-per-(1000)-survey websites. There’s a reason most “side hustle” lists preface those recommendations with “you won’t get rich doing this but…”  IT’S BECAUSE THEY ARE A WASTE OF TIME when it comes to making substabtial income! For the most part anyhow.  It’s one thing if you love doing that stuff, another if you’re trying to make some fast money.

If you just really love to do surveys, (as in, if it’s enjoyable to you, and not wasting your time) or if you are stuck in a chair – breast feeding, broken leg etc. then you can find a list of legit online surveys that pay here. I also recommend Shopper’s Voice (go here for the American version and here for the Canadian version). They don’t pay cash, instead they give you useful coupons based on your answers, so they are coupons for things you’ll actually use. Remember – mouse clicking is not a “side hustle”.

5 (low stress, no constant-mouse-clicking) “Side Hustles” to make money ASAP

1 ) House Sit. People going on vacation who need someone to look after their homes (and pets) will pay to have you do this. Sometimes my husband and I house sit for up to a couple months at a time. Yes, it can feel inconvenient to be relocated, but there’s lots of times when it feels inconvenient to go work. You do what you gotta do because you gotta do it.

We especially love house sitting because you can work your full time job while you do it. (As long as you’re house sitting in a location near enough to your work – which is what I’d recommend.) You can put out an add that says you’re available to house sit and what you’ll be charging. Or just put it up on your Facebook wall if you only want to work for people you know!

2 ) Mystery shop. I must have applied to 10 different mystery shopping companies and was insanely disappointed in almost all of them. There are ALOT of scams out there. I found ONE though, that has made me real money (and is most defenitly NOT a scam). BestMark runs mystery shops in the USA and in Canada and they pay cash (not gift cards or points) in exchange for you doing either an in person or over the phone “shop” and then filling out the survey that goes with it.

Last year I got a free oil change AND I got paid for having the oil change done. I mention that one because I actually made more than I would have for the same amount of time at my day job.

Bonus, once you are singed up and have applied for a shop, you have an actual human to contact at BestMark when you have questions. They give you a referral link and if you get your friends to sign up and do shops, you can earn money for referring them. Apply here to become a mystery shopper with BestMark.

3 ) Wait tables. As a “side hustle”, yes. I have a desk job, but I also have a restaurant I used to work at that calls me when they need help. It’s difficult for small restaurants (and golf courses, cafes ect) to keep a full time staff that would be sufficient for special occasions like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s day.

Most small restaurants are more than happy to have a list of qualified, willing people they can call when they are stuck on weekends and special occasions.

4 ) Exploit your hobbies. Whatever you love to do, there’s probably a way to make a little money at it. I love photography and took a night class on it after high school. I saved up and bought an amazing camera. Now I take wedding photos, grad photos, family portraits ect… and (again) I make more money doing that than I do at my day job. Maybe you love animals and want to walk dogs in the evening, or maybe you’re awesome at doing make-up and could be an artist for hire on Saturdays for weddings ect. Are you at home in the gym? Become a personal trainer.

Maybe you love to make things… SELL those things! Farmers markets are full of people selling their own stuff.

Whatever your hobby is, tackling it as a side hustle could actually turn it into a full time thing, and then you’ll always be doing what you love!

5 ) Sell a product that you actually love. The problem with multi-level marketing? People getting into it to make money and trying to sell absolute crap. Multi-level marketing works for me because I am with 2 companies that I LOVE and got into because I use the stuff, not because I was looking to make quick cash. When you actually love and use the thing you’re selling, it’s not really like selling. It’s like helping other people.

I am a distributor for Young Living Oils, and this is my favorite company to work with because they don’t require you to sell a minimum amount of product to be a “distributor”. Once you are a distributor you can purchase your products at the wholesale rate (ummm the reason I became a distributor in the first place!) and you can receive all sorts of freebies (different ones every month) just for ordering. My friends know that I am a distributor and they actually ask ME when I will be placing an order, so they can get their order in.

I STRONGLY encourage you to sign up for a distributor membership (even if you just want to buy the oils for yourself). Sign up with my link here and purchase your premium starter kit, (if you are not in Canada just change your country in the form!). The starter kit comes with the most popular oils, and it’s a great deal! If you do sign up and have any questions about how to place your order, just get in touch with me! (Another company that I find has products that practically sell themselves is Norwex.)

I have a close friend who has had amazing success (I’m talking free cruises and a car kind of sucess) selling Tupperware. Why? Because she loves Tupperware. Sell something you love, and it will be easy. Try to sell a bunch of diet pills you’ve never used? Failure waiting to happen.

Before you tackle any side hustle…

Ask yourself this question: Is this really worth my time? 

My time is precious. Clicking away at online surveys to gain 300 “points” towards my 10,000 “points” that will add up to 10 dollars some day is not a good use of my time.

Neither is slaving away at some hideous task that I can hardly wait to finish. I have family to spend time with, dishes to wash, laundry to put away. If I didn’t have those things, I would still have a body that needs exercise, a long bath to relax in, and a glass of wine that needs drinking while I watch the sunset.

If you are desperate for cash, you probably need a whole overhaul on your spending (or thinking) and a solid budget plus a new plan for money… not a way to make 50 extra bucks in the evening.

PS – if you are looking for MORE than a tiny little side hustle, check out REAL work at home jobs – for people serious about escaping 9-5. OR considering becoming a Virtual Assistant or doing some freelance writing. Both are great side hustles that could also be great paying jobs – (and at home jobs at that!) 

When you do side hustle, make it something that isn’t stressing you out, is worth real money and is not soul-sucking.

Just saying. Make sure you’re not prioritizing having a little extra money over living your life.

5 side hustles to make you money immediately