some things you don’t know about me yet

Not quite 30, not quite kids. Hopefully, both of those things will DID change this year!

I am married (for 8 years) to an awesome British guy (and we have an amazing little boy).

I want to encourage people to live a life they love, one that matters, because honestly, life is short.

I have an on-going battle with clutter, but I prioritize a clean home and I have learned (with effort) to be tidy.

Reading, writing, and traveling cheap are my favorite. I trained as a travel agent once upon a time & I love to write about budget travel stuff (even tho we don’t get to travel as much as we used to). Thunderstorms are also my favorite.

I have struggled with anxiety all my life, and I’d really prefer to stay in and enjoy being at home than do anything social.

I have a new & confusing love for treadmills and living a healthy life style is something I strive towards.

I believe God has lead me to blogging. Which seems ridiculous; I can hardly login to my bank account. But I am so excited that the blog is paying off in ways I could never have imagined.

Oh & I really don’t like meat with bones in it. Freaks me right out.